African Living Room Decor Creating Wild and Mystic Ambience

In many houses, you might ever meet the African living room decor applied neatly. As everybody knows Africa is the center of wild life. The characteristic is natural, rustic, and even mystic. You can create such atmosphere inside your living room by applying African decoration. To decorate living room with African decoration, you can play with accessories as well as lighting ideas. Even, furniture is also influential aspect for living room. Maybe you can use your creativity to make such decoration that different with common people.

Animal is something which refers to African landscape. Thousands of animal species live in the wild Africa. You can create living room with African decoration by using species of animals. Giraffe, buffalo, lion are the animals which identic with African wild life. Applying African living room decor not only gives natural sense of your home, more than that, it brings the African wildlife into your home. Commonly, they use animal leather carpet to increate natural ambience in living room. Lion carpet with its head is perfect addition for African living room.

Deer or buffalo head is great to decorate your rustic plank wall. In living room with African theme, rustic is the value that they must be reached. Another animal that usually use in African living room is zebra. It can be made as leather chair and ottoman as well as carpet area. If buying original zebra leather is impossible today, you can use the imitation.

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Instead of using ‘original’ animal as the decoration of living room, it is better for you to use the imitation. You can include in saving animal population. Even in apartment, African decoration can be realized. Maybe you can make accents from some accessories that related to Africa, both animal and culture. You can utilize African sculpture made from wood and some wall ornament to create some mystic atmosphere inside your kitchen. Some artworks that related to Africa such as wall painting and others are also good for African living room decor looks wilder.

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