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Houses will be livelier with cool living rooms to chill out with families or to entertain your guests. As an important room in every house, living room should be decorated well. It will be first places that will give your guests first impression about your overall house, and furthermore, about the owner’s personality. So, it must represent your good taste in house maintenance tasks, include decorating. Here, you will get some enchanting ideas to decorate your living room. These ideas are applicable for current living room that need to reinvented or new living room.

Astonishing transformation has done by Rebecca Wisor that applied cool living rooms ideasto change a usual plain room into more artistic one. Before being redecorated, the room was just wood-paneled wall, with a boring dark armchair and common sliding door. She named it A Crafty Concept, a living room full of artistic craft. She painted the wall in neutral black and white to avoid tacky look. The sliding door was changed into glass window to let the sunshine lighting up the room naturally. She put a green olive drawer against the wall to place some ornaments. In the center of the room, there is a wood table that painted in white for the base and black in surface, a suitable match to the wall. Just arrange some cozy chairs around this table and it will be perfect to accepting guests.

For a clearer living room, House and Garden have many good examples. White room can be defined as cool just with exact furniture. For seating furniture, choose sofa with neutral color such as black. Sofas will be prime objects in living room, so it is crucial to select a neutral color to make clear ambience. However, don’t let it be too gloomy, by adding some balance colors in ornaments.

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The rule is, don’t put too many ornaments. For instance, House and Garden just hang abstract paintings framed with orange color in the wall. Not too less and not too much, this is an exact ornament. An electric fireplace is warming up the room with its electric fire. It also has cool living rooms lighting choice, a simple standing light instead of complex-designed chandeliers.

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