Living Room Themes for Alluring Space Interior

You may get confused to pick correct living room themes for your home. Room themes are an essential part to bring your preferably style to living room. This place is one of important rooms in your home. On living room, there are so many activities held such as hang out with your friend, family meeting, or occasional party. If you have bad decision about the living room themes, sure will distract any meeting you organize. Worst, it will make your social popularity getting down! So, choose your living room themes carefully to represent your high tastes in style.

London will be a good city to pick living room themes ideasbecause this city is full with talented interior designers. Smart Snug design by Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay is one of stylish living room examples. It has a lot of pattern on its furniture’s: stripes grey sofas, square and round rug pattern, and Serge Mouille wall-attached lights. This design involves less colorful choices.  Not only for living room, had this Smart Snug also used as home library. Stylish and functional, who will reject this amazing ideas?

However, if you like something more colorful, there is one fine reference. Kit Kemp, a famous interior designer who specialty in hotel created The Stripes design. Even though he used many colorful ornaments, the room does not look tacky. On the contrary, he has presented amusing living room style. Patchworks are the main pattern that he used. He put ethnic patterned rug on the floor. Above the rugs, there are elegant wooden table and a white and orange-plaid lines banquette. For additional ornaments, he also put some oriental cushions that cheer this whole living room. There are several classic paintings that framed with non-varnished frames hanging on the wall.

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Those who likes natural themes will love Layered Style that created by a talented home designer, Stephen Eicker. He combines soft colors with natural pattern, made a lovely living room. The living room walls are covered by hand-painted wallpaper. He looked on its detail carefully, such as a vase full of blossom purple and white flowers on the top of a corner shelves. Two stripes single chairs also add other pattern to the room. Exactly a perfect reference to decorate modern living room themes uses various kind of pattern.

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