6 Reasons Your Chimney Might Be Leaking Water

Running water coming from the chimney and soaking up the carpeting can create a mess that takes hours to clean. Finding the source of a water leak and getting it fixed will keep your chimney in good shape and fireplace usable. Below are six common reasons for water leaks in and around a chimney.

Rain and Snow

Moisture that falls directly on an open chimney will result in a wet liner, firebox, and can easily access the rest of the home. Keeping a cover on the chimney will prevent this problem as well as having birds build nests during periods of non-use.

Cracked Chimney Crown

The crown is the area that seals the connection between the roof and chimney stack. Cracks and breaks will allow rain and snow to access the space between the two. You will quickly notice water accumulating in areas around the fireplace inside the home.

Interior Condensation

Temperature changes can cause natural condensation inside the chimney. This condensation will collect and run down into the fireplace. You may notice a small steady stream of water coming from inside the chimney for no apparent reason. A quick inspection of the lower part of the internal chimney should demonstrate a build-up of water droplets called condensate.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a weatherproofing material that is used between the roof and chimney to keep all moisture out. Having this material damaged or missing will account for leaks during periods of rain and snow. Get the flashing checked and repaired every year before using the fireplace.

Loose Bricks and Damaged Mortar

Moisture will find a way in if you have loose bricks and missing chunks of mortar. Loose bricks can also cause weaknesses in the chimney structure. Have all unstable areas and damaged mortar repaired.

Path of Least Resistance Leaks

Water leaks in another area of the roof can make their way to the chimney. You might feel it is a chimney leak, but the problem rests in another area altogether. Have a chimney expert inspect to find the exact source of the water leak.

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5 Things to Never Do with Your Roof

The roof of your home can take an incredible amount of punishment from harsh weather, blazing sun, and frigid temperatures but it is one of the more vulnerable parts of the exterior. Below are five things you should never do your roof if you expect it to last.

Stand On the Roof

You will find the surface of asphalt shingles coated with a grainy material that helps reflect light and heat off the roof on hot days. Every step you take will remove this grit and render your shingles less useful. You also stand a good chance of loosening the shingles being stepped on. Metal roofing can bend and warp under too much weight. You are also at risk of falling and getting hurt.

Let Debris and Leaves Build Up

Remove parts of tree branches that strike the roof. Wind can cause them to rip and tear roofing shingles or punch holes through a metal roof. Leaves will eventually end up rotting and molding or making their way into the gutter.

Blow Off Mold

Ignore mold when it appears on the roof, and you could be asking for trouble. Mold and lichen can both begin to break down the shingles or corrode a metal surface. Have the surface professionally cleaned to remove this gunk from the roofing material.

Nail Tarps Over Leaks

It is no fun to have a roof leak, but there are ways you can make the problem worse by trying to stop the leak yourself. Neighborhoods all over the country have a house here or there will a big blue tarp covering a damaged area. The owner may feel this is keeping the problem at bay, but nailing the tarp to the roof is the worst thing you could do. Every nail hole is now a new access route for water to take and enter the home.

Put Off Needed Repairs

Untreated roofing problems do not get better with age. The issues will steadily get worse until there is no option but to replace the roof. Deal with leaks and other problems at the time. You will get better results and a longer life out of a roof that is well cared for and maintained.

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Ensuring the Longevity of Your Kitchen Fixtures

The appliances in your kitchen play a big role in how convenient and easy your everyday life is. You may take for granted the ease of going into the kitchen to microwave a snack or fix a quick meal. You also may think nothing of being able to refrigerate a gallon of milk or make a tray of ice for your drinks.

When the appliances that you rely on break down or stop working like normal, you might be more interested in fixing than replacing them. With options like inspection, diagnosing, and Wolf oven repair Miami homeowners like you could both worry and money by retaining professional contractors for this service.

Thorough Diagnosis

The contractor who comes to your home will make it a point to inspect the appliance thoroughly before telling you what needs to be done to fix it. Some technicians rush through the job and overlook critical malfunctions going on within the motor or accessory parts. Their oversight ends up costing you money and puts you in the position of possibly having to replace the appliance sooner than later.

The techs from the company are dedicated to inspecting your appliances from top to bottom to find out what is wrong with them. They look at the key components like the motor, hoses, and valves. They also inspect the cooling coils to make sure these parts are not frozen.

The time they take to inspect the appliance works in your favor because it lets you know exactly what is wrong with the fixture. It also affords the techs the knowledge they need to do a good job and fix the appliance right the first time.

In the end, you may save more money than you imagined while also avoiding the prospect of having to buy an expensive replacement for the kitchen. You can get back to enjoying your convenience and comfort without having to deal with a broken down stove, fridge, or other fixture for long.

You can set up an appointment for these and other services when you go online. The company encourages you to use the self-scheduling system so you can fit the appointment into your busy calendar.

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