Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular materials to use as countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s expensive, however, though it lasts a long time. To make sure your granite countertops stay in good shape over years to come, try out these maintenance tips.

First Things First – Seal Your Granite Countertops

As you already know, granite is one of the most expensive building materials used in modern homes. Granite looks great and lasts a long time. However, even the sturdy material that is granite can succumb to wear and tear if it’s not protected. The best way to protect your granite countertops is to use a high-quality, clear sealant to act as a barrier between food, water, and other substances and the granite slab itself. By using sealant to separate the countertop from potential harm, you’ll greatly extend the life of your granite countertops.

Every So Often, You’ll Need To Recoat Your Granite With Sealant

There’s a simple test that homeowners can perform to determine if their granite countertops’ protective layers of sealant need to be repaired. The test is known simply as the water test. Take roughly 50 milliliters of water and pour it on your granite countertop. If it is absorbed immediately, you need to add sealer immediately. Better yet, add two layers! It should also be reapplied a few times each year. If the water takes 10 minutes to disappear, you can likely get away with one layer of sealant every few years. If the water doesn’t go away after a full half-hour, you can get by with zero sealant.

Make Sure To Consistently Use Coasters When Placing Cups, Bottles, And Cans On Granite Countertops

Although sealant acts as a coaster itself, all drinks should be placed on top of coasters to prevent sealant from being damaged. If the sealant is damaged, your granite countertop can absorb stains and microbes. Don’t be scared to shoo people away from your granite countertops if they have drinks in their hands, either. It’ll pay off in the long run!

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Check Your Home for Electrical Hazards

There can be electrical hazards in your home that you do not even realize are there. Most people see frayed cords or notice an outlet that stops working. However, there are hidden hazards that can be very dangerous. Of course, if you notice a burning smell inside your home, you should turn off the breakers until the source is located. Each year there are thousands of house fires caused by electrical hazards in the US.

Bad Outlets

If an outlet doesn’t work, you know there is something wrong. However, if you plug an appliance into it and the plug falls out, this can be a fire hazard. Don’t adjust the prongs on the appliance and plug it back into the outlet. If your outlets have not been replaced for some time, the blades inside could have become loose. This causes excess heat in the outlet and can cause a fire.

In addition to this problem, you might have outlets that work sometimes, but other times they do not. This could indicate loose wiring or another problem. Electricity is very dangerous and should be checked by a professional. Mister Sparky provides electrical contractors orange park fl.


Most people do not think about it, but the lighting in your home is a common cause of electrical fires. Pay attention to recommendations from the manufacturers of lamps and other types of lighting. Using a higher wattage bulb than is recommended can cause overheating and a fire. Lights should not flicker. This could be a sign of faulty wiring. Placing lamps near flammable materials could also cause a fire.


The wiring in your home may need to be updated. Today, there are dozens of electronics and appliances that were not in existence even a few years ago. If your home is older, the wiring should be checked to make sure it can handle all the electrical appliances you are using. Even breaker boxes that are not up to date can fail to trip when overloaded. This can also cause an electrical fire.…