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Comparing Slotted and Cross Drilled Brake Rotors While there are more than a handful of brake rotor designs and types out there, everyone in the industry knows that the most preferred and known ones are the cross drilled and slotted rotors. So, if you were asked to make a comparison of brake rotors, these two should fit the bill as your main options because the rest seemingly aren’t as relevant as these two. First things first, both cross drilled and slotted rotors, even including rotors that come with both slotted and drilled designs, are intended to allow gases to escape, the same gases that have the tendency to build up in between the brake pad and brake rotor. What therefore happens is that the brakes are properly maintained and cooled, which in turn allows a better stopping performance. Cross Drilled Rotors
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The idea behind the invention of the cross drilled rotor is to allow heat to naturally escape once it begins to build up in between the brake pad and rotor and those drilled holes serve as the gas’ escape route. You should know that many people prefer cross drilled rotors because of the way they look, but it’s also worthy to note that there also are cases in which cracks developed in between the drilled holes. But then again, the crack isn’t really caused by the design but more on the low quality material used in building the rotor in the first place. Hence, even if this type of rotor is designed to expel gases, it can’t last long if it’s made out of low quality material. Now if you choose to buy and use this kind of brake rotor, we recommend that you emphasize on buying one from a high quality or renowned brand so as to make sure it isn’t made of low quality material.
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Slotted Type of Brake Rotor Meanwhile, slotted brake rotors are considered the best alternative to the drilled variety because they serve the same function of expelling hot gas while diminishing the risk of cracking. If cross drilled rotors are intended primarily for their looks, slotted rotors on the other hand are mainly built for performance. Slotted brake rotors are also great in wet conditions because their design ensures that water stays away from the rotor, which means braking isn’t affected by the water at all. Today, brake manufacturers claim that their rotors are more durable and long lasting compared to stock rotors. Also, they claim that there also is lesser brake fade. It’s really up to the consumer like you to believe them or not. In the end, if you’re looking to improve braking performance either for racing purposes or just in normal driving conditions, you have the freedom to choose between cross drilled and slotted variants. What you don’t want to miss out on is a set of high quality break pads.