4 Reasons to Have Your Tile & Grout Cleaned Before Thanksgiving       

Porcelain or stone tiles and mosaics have been showcased throughout the world since ancient times. But U.S. tile manufacturing as a building material use didn’t begin until the late 19th century. Today, tile is one element that can almost instantly transform a basic habitat into a charming home. But tile requires grout to set properly. The sand and stone mortar that fills in the space between tiles is meant to help the final results stand up to stains, temperatures, and life tests of various types. But the truth is, grout is rarely sealed after it’s applied so it has time to seal after it’s installed. Yet, expert tile and grout cleaners rarely think about telling the home or business owner about that little fact; or if they do, the home or business owner often mentally files it under useless or unnecessary information. And that’s where it all-too-often stays, at least until a mat or piece of furniture is moved months or years down the line–which is one thing if you do it but another matter altogether if a friend or loved one does. So here are some essential reasons to have your tile and grout cleaned before Thanksgiving.

Your Tile Will Look New Again and Last Longer

There’s nothing like the feeling of luxurious accomplishment after new tile is installed. But that feeling is often short-lived after normal living resumes. Unless you’re a cleaning fanatic or can afford live-in, unrelated cleaning help chances are the tile will become dirty, scummy, and dull over a relatively short period. Expert tile and grout cleaners can deep clean your tile and help it regain the luster lost from day-to-day living. And the safe and professional methods will also prolong the lifespan of your investment by keeping built-up dirt from eating through and destroying your tile.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Saves You Time and Money

Tile and grout, regardless of where it is in your home, tile can get disgusting quickly. And while there are some basic remedies to get rid of surface dirt that does little to touch deep-down filth. Not to mention, it can be a back-breaking chore to clean all the tile in your home or even in a specific room. The materials needed can cost as much if not more than calling in the pros. Expert cleaners can ensure your tile and grout are as spotless as possible and just in time for the holidays while your time and energy are on other matters.

Properly Cleaned Tile and Grout Improves Your Health

Mold is the bane of any household and it’s especially common in grout. In fact, if you see any black in your grout, it’s mold. It’s not only ugly but can negatively impact your health, lead to allergies, breathing issues, and serious chronic health conditions. Surface cleaning your tile and grout on your own won’t remove the mold. But expert tile and grout cleaners can.

The Pros Know What They’re Doing and Won’t Harm Your Tile

Cleaning your own tile and grout is nowhere near as easy as it looks. Use the wrong products, approach, or materials and you can end up with more stains, dullness, and even chipped or damaged tile. Fortunately, the pros know what they’re doing. Whether needing to deep clean your floors and entryway, bathrooms, or simply kitchen backdrops, expert tile and grout cleaners have the experience and materials needed to do the job right the first time. And since the best companies are bonded, certified, and insured the beauty and condition of your tile is guaranteed. See first-hand what a difference expert tile and grout cleaning can make in your life this holiday season.