4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework on Time Every Time

Kids need to be taught how to be responsible for their actions from a young age. This includes doing their homework on time, every single time. However, if your kiddos sometimes miss the mark on getting homework done, or if they don’t seem to care at all, here are a few ways to persuade them to take their education more seriously.

Set Expectations, Requirements, and Consequences

Did your youngster miss a single assignment? No biggie. It was probably an accident, or a slip of the mind. So, let your little one off with a warning about consequences. Perhaps a talk about expectations and educational requirements would be smart too. Did your youngster miss one assignment after another? Bring on the consequences. Take away distractions, like cellphones and tablets, designate a homework spot in a public area of your home, and restrict leaving the house until the homework is caught up.

Set Weekly Rewards for Homework and Chore Completions

Chores are like at the at-home versions of homework. And children should be expected to contribute around the house with regular chores, in the ways they contribute to their educations with regular homework. To encourage your little ones to complete their homework and chores each week, offer rewards. For example, if your kiddo gets all gold stars for completion of their chores and homework for 7 days, take them out for ice cream.

Check Over Homework—Every Night, Without Fail

If you want to keep on top of your kiddo’s homework, then check it—every single night, without fail. Ask your spouse to do the same when you are at work or unavailable. You don’t have to check answers or correct problems, but just make sure the homework is done and ready to turn in for the next day. You could even keep weekly track of complete homework with a spreadsheet and contract software.

Keep the Wi-Fi and Cable Passwords a Secret Until Homework is Completed

The world is obsessed with technologies, and that extends to your kids. So, to deter them from staring at a screen as soon as they get home, keep the passwords a secret until homework is finished, checked, and okayed. This gives your children an incentive to get their homework done, while ensuring you keep them on top of their educational requirements.

Homework is a fact of life for public school kids, and they need to be taught the responsibilities that go along with that. Ergo, the aforementioned tips will ensure your youngsters know the importance of homework, while accepting the responsibility, rewards, and consequences.