5 Reasons You Should Install a French Drain

Water is an essential element for living creatures, but having too much of it fall from the sky and accumulate around your home can cause serious problems. Below are five reasons to install a French drain system and eliminate the worries that too much rain or snow can cause a homeowner.

Eliminate Several Causes of Water Damage

Water that pools and lurks around the outside of your home will eventually find a way into your basement or crawlspace area. This can lead to excess moisture, or a complete flooding of items you have stored, or the destruction of expensive appliances. Making sure that this water is directed away from the home and foundation will provide the necessary protective barrier.

Unpredictable Weather

Weather patterns have become nearly unpredictable these days. You do not necessarily have to live in a flood zone to experience serious amounts of rain and snow. The resulting water can cause tremendous amounts of damage through unexpected flooding. The installation of a French drain system will help alleviate this problem.

Protect Your Foundation

Pooling water near your foundation can erode the earth that surrounds and protect the concrete. The seeping of water through the concrete will begin to crack and damage the walls. Keeping your foundation as dry and water free as possible will avoid uneven settling and unnecessary repairs.

Reduce Yard Pooling of Water

Does your yard resemble a swimming pool after a normal rainfall, or due to snow melt? Installing a French drain can help keep water from collecting n lawns, patios, and sidewalks. This will help keep your lawn, landscaping, and trees healthier. It will also make it more pleasant to walk outdoors.

Reduce Melt and Refreeze In Winter

Sidewalks and driveways can become dangerous surfaces during winter. As snow and ice melt, coating the driveway and sidewalk, the freezing temperatures at night will turn the liquid water into a solid sheet of ice. Trying to maneuver this to access a car, or get on the school bus can mean a serious fall injury. A French drain system will direct the water away as it melts, leaving a safer surface to walk on.

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