6 Reasons Your Chimney Might Be Leaking Water

Running water coming from the chimney and soaking up the carpeting can create a mess that takes hours to clean. Finding the source of a water leak and getting it fixed will keep your chimney in good shape and fireplace usable. Below are six common reasons for water leaks in and around a chimney.

Rain and Snow

Moisture that falls directly on an open chimney will result in a wet liner, firebox, and can easily access the rest of the home. Keeping a cover on the chimney will prevent this problem as well as having birds build nests during periods of non-use.

Cracked Chimney Crown

The crown is the area that seals the connection between the roof and chimney stack. Cracks and breaks will allow rain and snow to access the space between the two. You will quickly notice water accumulating in areas around the fireplace inside the home.

Interior Condensation

Temperature changes can cause natural condensation inside the chimney. This condensation will collect and run down into the fireplace. You may notice a small steady stream of water coming from inside the chimney for no apparent reason. A quick inspection of the lower part of the internal chimney should demonstrate a build-up of water droplets called condensate.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a weatherproofing material that is used between the roof and chimney to keep all moisture out. Having this material damaged or missing will account for leaks during periods of rain and snow. Get the flashing checked and repaired every year before using the fireplace.

Loose Bricks and Damaged Mortar

Moisture will find a way in if you have loose bricks and missing chunks of mortar. Loose bricks can also cause weaknesses in the chimney structure. Have all unstable areas and damaged mortar repaired.

Path of Least Resistance Leaks

Water leaks in another area of the roof can make their way to the chimney. You might feel it is a chimney leak, but the problem rests in another area altogether. Have a chimney expert inspect to find the exact source of the water leak.

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