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Procedures for Preparing Your Yard for Farming. To prepare your garden for planting will require an investment of energy and capital. This involves more than the basic land preparation techniques such as cultivating and adding of manure to the land soil. Farmers should acquire knowledge about this extra activities that are undertaken to make the land more productive. Features that can be added to the garden to make it more conducive includes. Concrete curb edging of the garden area. The farm will develop a wall to protect the farming space. The concrete materials are used to erect the wall around the garden. The concrete edge serves to create distinction between the passage area and the garden; therefore no one will be confused and walk on the farm. The concrete curb also is useful in preventing both owner’s dogs and stray dogs from getting inside the garden. On top[ of walking all over you plants, dog also hide bones on the ground, and the process will uproot your plants. Concrete curb usually leave a small space to install a garden door for ease of bringing in farm inputs such as fertilizers. Also, the garden wall shows that the farmer is taking the agricultural work seriously and makes the area more presentable. The farmer can also perform yard grading to the garden. Usually, this involves two tasks making the farming space flat and digging of the drainage systems. Yard grading is important to ensure that your farm is flat thus rain water and other waters benefit are planted equally. Also, it is necessary to dig water drainage tunnels to dispose of water that is not absorbed by the land. The advantage of efficient drainage system is the drainage of stagnant water, which if not drained increases the number of mosquitos.
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Farmers should also invest in irrigation equipment. Water is very important for seed germination and the general growth of the plant The rain water may not be reliable especially at the germination stage of the plant. Secondary source of plant water is achieved by get irrigation pumps and pipes and drilling of borehole or getting a pump to supply water from nearest water body such as a river. Farmers should acquire basic training on the irrigation techniques used and select the technique that is suitable to their land area. The vital thing to know prior to purchasing irrigation tools is the coverage area of the equipment.
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Some of the tasks the farmer can do by themselves such as levelling of the garden. While other functions the farmer will have to hire an expert such as installation of irrigation equipment. Farmers participate in the task of upgrading the garden being done by an expert.