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Steps to End Smoking. Smoking is an act which involves burning of some substance like tobacco or marijuana and taking in the resultant smoke. The smoke is then absorbed by body tissues and the blood. Some widely smoked substances include tobacco and marijuana which are usually rolled into a piece of paper and then lit. The piece of paper is what is known as a cigarette. Other commonly smoked substances are cannabis sativa and opium. Smoking is addictive. Some of the substances such as nicotine found in cigarette make it difficult to end smoking. Some excellent news is numerous people have done research on the entire issue and have developed successful ways to quit smoking. The first step to quitting anything which includes smoking entails one’s acceptance that they have a problem of smoking. They usually say, “Acceptance is the first step to recovery”. Their level of success will be influenced by the extent to which they are addicted. One is required to make small changes in their life which will assist them to resist the temptation to smoke.
A Simple Plan: Wellness
The second way to stop smoking involves one setting his mindset to thinking positively. One may have tried to overcome this vice severally before to no avail, but this should not be a turn off from overcoming it. One is supposed to think of the experiences life has shown him and how they will handle the issue this time round. Bench- marking from other life experiences one has had helps to build up the courage and gain tact of how to handle this specific one. One should strategize for circumstances which will be difficult for them and come up with ways to overcome them.
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The next step of deserting the practice is through preparing a plot of how to go about it. The strategy contains an undertaking and a particular day of abandoning the vice. The plan should also include a list of what one likes about smoking as well as what they dislike about the habit, reasons why they want to quit and the benefits they get from it. This strategy of self-evaluation has shown to be used amongst people who have overcome the vice. Also considering one’s diet can help in quitting smoking as research has shown that certain foods, when taken before smoking, make cigarettes taste terrible such as cheese, fruits, and vegetables. The other know how is pinpointing when one wishes to smoke and coming up with the means to resist the urge. Support from family also helps to quit smoking.