How to Take Care of Terrariums

Although terrariums have been in use since 1842, it seems that in recent years, they have become a popular alternative to potting plants in people’s homes. A reason behind the surge in popularity is due to the minimal care that these little ecosystems need. Essentially, a terrarium is a tiny greenhouse in which an ecosystem grows and sustains itself. People who live in the city in tiny apartments, and don’t have space or time to care for an assortment of flowers can utilize this tiny greenhouse to add some green into their home without having to worry about killing it through neglect. One of the best things about terrariums, too, is that they’re entirely customizable.

While there are a few given plants that live in terrariums, ultimately, what you want to put in there is up to you, although you may want to do your research on what plants exist the best in such conditions. That being said, you can also add a few additional items to really make your terrarium stand out from others. Add a few adorable gnome mushrooms or houses to give your greenhouse just that much more character. Or, if you’re particularly nerdy, add a few toy dinosaurs to make your very own Jurassic Park.

Because terrariums are tiny, you can have quite a few of them around the house. You can even utilize hanging terrariums if you don’t want to use up too much desk or sill space. There are only a few maintenance tips that you should be aware of when choosing to own and raise a terrarium. After all, it is still a living organism inside of that greenhouse.

For forest terrariums, you’ll want to make sure that the greenhouse receives a lot of light. However, this light shouldn’t be direct as the glass will end up baking the plants inside of it. For those terrariums which are open, you’ll want to make sure that you water them once a week. However, terrariums that are sealed create moisture themselves. While it is wise to check if the soil is most, you don’t want to overwater these plants. As with all terrariums, you’ll want to prune the plants once they start to take up too much space in the greenhouse. You’ll also want to clean the glass from time to time, so you can actually see your plants.

If you have a desert terrarium, primarily those that contain succulents, you’ll also want to make sure that they receive plenty of indirect light. These plants require watering as well, although only once a week. Simply check the soil to see how moist it is and determine from there. If it’s hot and dry out, you may need to water more than if it were colder.

Terrariums are a fun and beautiful way to brighten up your apartment or home. Because they require little maintenance, you can have the free time you enjoy doing your other hobbies. Even you can claim to have a green thumb!