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Should You Talk To A Real Estate Investor Or Real Estate Agent? If you are confused whether to sell your house with the help of a real estate investor or real estate agent, then reading this article can give you valuable information that can help you come up with valuable decision. Step number 1. Determine how fast you want to sell your house – a lot of us have gone through the conventional home buying process before. With the help of a real estate agent, they will find us a house that suit our preferences and interests, have our inspections as well as appraisals performed, get approved for financing and then, negotiate with the seller. The entire process will likely take 30 to 45 days and it could be both exciting and stressful at the same time. For numerous people, this is only part of the process and with this in mind, they are expecting it to happen. But the question is, what if you need to sell the house fast? Well, this is where a real estate investor comes to the scene because they can buy houses faster compared to traditional sales for few reasons such as investors are working directly with you and these investors are also self-financed meaning, they don’t need approval from the bank to make a purchase.
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Step number 2. Know what repairs the house needs – when the buyers are searching for homes in older neighborhoods, many are expecting that they will need to make some updates and modifications here and there. Mortgage companies are typically fine with this as well so long as everything’s in working order. In the event that your house is in great repair but needs few updates, then you won’t have much trouble in selling it to a real estate agent.
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On the other hand, what if your house needs remodeling and repair? In regards to this, you better contact a real estate investor as they are willing to buy houses regardless of the condition. Basically, they are specializing in buying houses in “as-is” condition with full understanding that there’s a chance that the property might have serious issues. Step number 3. Be aware of the actual costs associated in selling your house – the commissions from the real estate agent, closing costs, negotiations as well as soft costs are just some of the costs associated with the conventional real estate sale. All these are handled and will be explained to you by your real estate agent. Otherwise, if you are talking to a real estate agent, they’ll not apply any charges but buy the house for a lower price than its market value.