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Finding a Reputable Landscape Contractor

With all the landscaping contractors nowadays, how do you determine the right one? Don’t worry, there are steps you can take to make the decision much easier for you.

Here are 5 pointers for the choosing landscaping contractor that is most suitable for your property.

1. Ensure the contractor provides the services you want.
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A common mistaken belief is that all professional landscapers offer basically no different services. Not true! You have to get a list of services the contractor provides so you can compare it with your own checklist. The most common services include landscape design, maintenance, enhancement and construction; snow and ice management; and irrigation and lighting, snow and ice management.
The Key Elements of Great Landscaping

2. Do they apply sustainable practices?

Are you looking for a contractor that will assist you in making your landscape sustainable? If so, you are absolutely moving in the right course for your property. The landscaping contractor you choose should have sustainability at the forefront of all the work they do, whether in their choice of plants and materials or their water management plans And so on. Here are questions you have to ask your prospective contractors to find out if they have the capacity to build a sustainable landscape:

> Where do they purchase their plants and supplies?

> Do they make use of native plants?

> What changes could be adopted to increase your cash and resource savings?

> Can they advise organic programs that can actually work for your property?

> Do they recycle fallen branches, clippings and other yard waste?

> What irrigation and lighting efficiency programs do they offer?

3. Know the company’s qualifications.

You can save yourself a lot of headaches by doing some research as you begin the vetting process. Go to the company website, request for client references and ask them directly for information .

Here are some of the best questions:

> Do they hold certifications and proper licensing for the services they provide?

> If so, can they show you proof?

> What industry qualifications does the contractor have?

> Do they have insurance and for how much?

> Does the company have adequate manpower and equipment for the job you need them to do?

> What professional or industry affiliations do they have?

> Do they perform all services internally, or do they hire subcontractors?

5. Request client references.

When hiring a professional landscaping company, you should know how your property is going to look like after they take it under their care. Aside from asking for photo references of previous site work, it’s a smart idea to visit sites that are presently being serviced by the contractor you are considering. Talk to the homeowners and ask them questions about the contractor’s work quality, timeliness, plant materials, how hard or easy it is to reach the contractor, and how they generally feel about the job that the contractor has done.