Optimize Business or Home Security With Access Control Systems

Access control systems in Denver can help you better manage and conduct the flow of foot traffic into and out of your business campus. An integrated keyless entry system lets you log arrival and departure times for personnel, visitors, logistics and deliveries.

Benefits of Access Control Systems in Denver

Access Control Systems simplify the creation and maintenance of visitor logs. With a log of arrival and departure times on hand, you can maintain a reference in case you require identification, confirmation or need to assess liability.

Access Control Systems Save Money

Installing a network of traditional keyed locks throughout your business is time consuming and costly. Each new employee with adjusted security clearance requires his/her own set of keys, not to mention costly replacements in the event of theft or loss. Traditional keys also make your business vulnerable, since they can fall into anyone’s hands. Unlike a key, a missing key card can simply be canceled to eliminate any potential threat of unlawful access.

Access control systems give you remote, electronic management of access points throughout your business campus or home. Consequently, it’s easy and effective to either grant or remove access to given areas at different times of the day. This diminishes the costly need to purchase and replace keys and minimizes the event of employees wandering into unauthorized areas.

Assessing Long Term Costs of Key Card Security Systems

Key cards are more secure and less costly in the short term and the long term. Key cards are reusable, so you can simply reassign them to new employees as old employees move on to other jobs. You can also reprogram access for cards whose owners receive promotions, giving them entree to new floors and rooms aligned to a new security clearance.

Another advantage of key card security systems is the electronic trail they leave behind. Electronic trails are vital when it’s time to assess the movements of employees and clients into and out of unauthorized areas. Take a minute today to consider the advantages of access control systems in Denver.