Surefire Solutions To Today’s Most Common Roofing Problems

There are currently some 138-odd million residential housing units in the United States. Every house in the country has a roof. Most roofs are topped with long-lasting asphalt shingles, though roofs covered with sheet metal are popular, too. Like all things in life, roofs don’t last forever, no matter what type of material they’re topped with or made of. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common roofing problems

Leaky Roofs In Winter

Whenever winter seasons come around, ice sometimes collects in gutters. As time passes, a thick wall of ice is formed within and on top of those gutters. Water is unable to runoff roofs as well as it should as a result of these ice blockages. Pools of water accumulate and ultimately lead to leaky roofs. This results in the discoloration of ceilings, mold and mildew growing in attics, and even holes in roofs. A surefire way to fix these leaky roofs is to remove gutters so ice can’t block water in anymore.

Holes In Roofs

Branches, animals, and precipitation can result in gaping holes rearing their ugly heads on roofs. Fortunately, holes caused by the first two on the list can largely be prevented. The best way to address these problems is through taking preventative measures. Removing all branches that are within 10 feet of roofs is the least that should be done. This will also result in fewer squirrels climbing on roofs.

Poor Attic Ventilation

When an attic isn’t properly ventilated, mold can grow, houses can take on nasty odors, and a plethora of problems can take hold on roofs themselves. Roof turbines, the “spinny” things that adorn most homes’ roofs, require maintenance. Even though society has a wealth of knowledge at its fingertips through search engines and the Internet at large, people still don’t maintain their homes as well as they should. Properly maintaining roof turbines will prevent poor ventilation.

Roofs are prone to experience tons of problems. You will probably incur one or two of them throughout your lifetime. Professionals will be able to point you in the right direction, whether you need new composition shingles happy valley oregon, cleaned gutters, or anything else.