The Great Compound Miter Saw Buying Guide

Do you have a big project that requires precise cutting? What you need is a compound miter saw that will do both bevels and miters. Knowing the important features of a miter saw and their benefits will help you find the power tool you need for any project at any given time. This is the top compound miter saw buying guide.

•           Sliding versus non-Sliding Miter Saw:
Saws can be overwhelming especially if you have never used one. They feature levers, several knobs, and complicated adjustments. Their specifications are even more intimidating e.g. compound sliding or dual bevel. Basically, miter saws are of 3 types namely compound, standard, and sliding. The advantage of sliding miter saw is its ability to cut broad boards. On the other hand, non-sliding saws cut narrow boards. The sliding compound miter saw, apart from being compact and lightweight, comes with a powerhead which lets you change the cut length as it moves along rails. It is, therefore, a more versatile design as compared to the non-sliding counterpart.

•           Amperage
The amperage on which the compound miter saw works on translates to its strength. The higher the level of amps, the higher the cutting power is. The perfect power range of a great compound miter saw is 15 amps.

•           Size of the blade
The blades of compound miter saws vary according to the type of cut needed. You can have 12”, 10”, or 8” variations. Big blade diameters provide longer cuts. It is important to know whether the saw can accommodate varied sizes of the blade or if it is built for a specific blade size.

•           Safety features
The part that cuts metals, woods, or other materials is the sharp edge of a compound miter saw. It is paramount that the functions of the saw stay safe. The user must take precautionary measures. The best miter saw comes with safety features.

•           Electric brakes
These are great upgrades that can stop the action of blades in matters of seconds, unlike typical blades which take minutes to stop. As soon as they are triggered, they create an immediate action by counteracting the momentum of the blades thereby preventing possible harm to a material or the user.

•           Blade guard
Apart from enhancing safety, a blade guard increases the efficiency of a compound miter saw. You can clearly assess the cutting area without making any unintended contact with the blade during the operation. The guard also prevents any accident when raising the saw.

Make good use of this compound miter saw buying guide and most importantly, find the tool that meets your budget.