What to Include in a Price Quote

If you are a new small business owner, one of the things that you are eventually going to have to face is preparing a price quote for a client. The type of work you do and other factors will determine exactly what will be included, but here are a few of the main items you will want to would include.

You want the quote that you write to be well thought out and professional. This is going to protect your business, limit financial risks, and help you attract new customers. The first thing that you will want to include is the details of your business. This will include any license numbers, insurance information, and contact information.

The next part of the quote is detailing the total cost of the job. This is going to cover all of the materials, labor, and anything else that may be included in what you have to purchase or how much you will charge for your time or the time of the employees who work with you. If you offer Jacksonville roof repair, this would include everything like tearing off the old roof, disposing of it, ordering the supplies, and assembling the new roof. You should also make a note of what will not be covered. For example, if materials will need to be delivered but the price of the delivery is not included, you should make sure that the individual who is receiving the quote is aware of this. It is unprofessional to surprise them with unexpected costs later on.

It is also important to note any variations. For example, if you own a roofing company, your quote may include what it will cost to install standard asphalt shingles. You could include a variation of metal roofing as well. Variations are great because they allow you to up sell.

You want to allow some revisions if the individual asking for the quote decides to change the job substantially after the work has started. Make sure to lay out details in the quote that will allow you to change pricing based on changes that are made.