Why Do I Need Papers Notarized?

Getting a notary seal to signed documents might seem like a real pain, but there are very good reasons that this process is required. It protects you from having anyone sign papers that can often be life-altering if you do not want to sign them. The notary process helps determine the person signing is the individual listed.

What Is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a third party witness that is designated and licensed by the state to be able to confirm your identity in signing the designated documents. They place a seal that states they are confident that you have proven who you are and that the papers are not being signed under force or duress.

Why Do Papers Need Notarized?

Legal papers that are being signed miles away from the source of origination need to have a notary seal to prove it is really you that signed them. It is a way to eliminate fraud with documents and keep people from signing documents under force. This can come in handy legally when it comes to wills and probate items. A judge wants to know that you signed the document of your own free will.

How Does the Notary Process Work?

You simply present the documents to be signed. After they verify that you are whom you state, you sign and date the document. They will then fill in the notary information and place the official seal stating you are verified in identity.

Can I get Papers Notarized Without an Identification Card?

You need to have a valid picture ID in order to go through the notary process. This is because they use the state issued identification to verify who you are. Anything less will not have picture proof.

How Much Does Notary Service Cost?

Notary service generally cost a few dollars per document. it may vary, depending on the state and origin of service. There are some banks that will provide this service free of charge for existing customers, but you have to be a customer to partake in the services.

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